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Rui Wang

Dr. Rui works on a variety of machine learning projects especially with the faculty of humanities

Rui completed his PhD in computer science at the University of Western Australia (UWA) in the areas of natural language processing, machine learning and text mining. Rui then worked as a post-doc research fellow in data mining for CRC Water Sensitive Cities at UWA. His research involved developing time series data mining algorithms to detect anomalous water consumption. The algorithm was packed in a system that was deployed in Cannington Leisureplex reducing water usage by 20%. Rui is also involved in a collaboration with the team from UWA Computer Science and Planning and Transport Research Centre for analysing large traffic datasets. In addition to his research work, Rui has nearly 10 years’ commercial software development experience. He completed a master’s degree in software engineering at Australian National University and a bachelor’s degree in information system at Edith Cowan University.