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Daniel Marrable

Daniel Marrable
Daniel is the Computational Specialist for the Curtin Business School

Dan is currently completing a Ph.D. in remote sensing. He is very passionate about, and experienced in both satellite remote sensing and data analysis through software development.

Dan has worked on numerous European Space Agency and World Bank funded projects that have included; calibration and validation of Earth observation satellites, shallow water habitat mapping from space and radiative transfer modelling. During this time, Dan has gained much experience processing very large data sets as well as coding complex light models on a variety of platforms such as cloud infrastructure, supercomputers and GPUs.

Dan also has experience with both field and laboratory based measurements through many oceanographic field trips to Montgomery Reef, Barrow Island and other coastal field trips around the Kimberly region.

More recently, Dan has been working with Landgate using fire-spread prediction models in order to help improve the emergency response of emergency services as well as improve maintenance scheduling of electrical power poles.