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Roberta Fornarelli

Roberta Fornarelli

Roberta completed her PhD in environmental engineering at the University of Western Australia in the areas of integrated water resource management, hydrodynamic and ecological modelling of water systems. During her PhD, Roberta used advanced data analytics techniques to develop a predictive empirical model able to infer physical knowledge on ecological processes as well as predict water quality and assist with the management of water systems.

After her PhD, Roberta has worked both in the consulting industry and academia, gaining extensive experience in the treatment of urban and industrial wastewater, optimisation of hydrometallurgical processes in the mining industry, with particular focus on renewable-energy driven desalination processes and membrane separation technologies.

Throughout her engineering consulting and academic research work, Roberta has gained extensive experience in data analytics, descriptive and advanced statistics for the analysis of long-term datasets, forecasting modelling based on machine learning methods.

Roberta is currently involved in an energy-water nexus project which focuses on orchestrating innovative distributed and decentralised water and energy solutions for promoting sustainable living in smart cities.