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Curtin Business School Representative

Ponnie Clark
Ponnie Clark is the Curtin Business School Representative for the Curtin Institute for Computation

Dr Ponnie Clark received the BSc degree in Mathematics, the MSc degree in Computer Science, and the PhD degree in Information Systems. She is an expert in Ontology Engineering and her research areas and interests include Semantic Web and Linked Data, Social Big Data Analytics, Big Data Analytics for Internet of Things, and the like. She has over two decade of academic experience including in research and development involving multi-disciplinary areas.

Dr Clark has successfully supervised/co-supervised to completion 10 PhDs and 2 Masters. The research projects she supervised range across disciplinary areas including Health, Business, Education, Engineering, and Logistics which underpinned by technologies. Dr Clark has published over 84 scientific research publications including 1 Springer Book, 10 book chapters, 12 referred journals, 59 conference proceedings, and 2 theses. The quality of her research is validated by a number of ERA-A/B ranked journal and conference papers. She has published 4 ERA-A and 1 ERA-B ranked journals. Dr Clark has delivered a keynote speech at the 2013 International Conference on eTechnologies and Business on the Web and co-authored 3 keynote papers i.e. at the 2009 World Congress on Software Engineering in 2009; the 5th Asia-Pacific conference on conceptual modelling in 2008; and the 19th Australian software engineering conference in 2008.

Dr Clark has been invited to join renowned research centre or school nationally and internationally for research visits/collaborations including: in 2015, Knowledge Media institute (KMi), Open University, UK, and Informatics Research Centre (IRC), University of Reading, UK; in 2001, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Newcastle, Australia; in 2000, School of Information Technology, Monash University, Australia.