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Health Sciences Representative

Ricardo Mancera
Ricard Mancera is one of the Health Sciences Representatives for the Curtin Institute for Computation

Ricardo L. Mancera is Professor of Biophysical Chemistry and Computational Biophysics in the School of Biomedical Sciences at Curtin University. He is recognised internationally for his research in a wide range of areas related to protein aggregation and folding, biomacromolecular self-assembly, sugar/cryosolvent-membrane interactions, peptide-membrane interactions, protein-protein and protein-carbohydrate interactions, enzyme mechanisms, the role of hydration in drug design and aqueous solutions. He also conducts work using experimental biophysical techniques such as surface plasmon resonance, differential scanning calorimetry and X-ray and neutron scattering. Prof. Mancera did his undergraduate degree in biological and pharmaceutical chemistry at the National University of Mexico and his PhD in in theoretical/computational chemistry at the University of Cambridge. He worked as a Research Fellow in the Department of Pharmacology in the University of Cambridge before becoming founding senior scientist at De Novo Pharmaceuticals, a spin-off drug discovery company. He then moved to Curtin University and is the Head of the Biomolecular Modelling Group. He leads an interdisciplinary research team, is one of the main users of the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre and has received funding from the Australian Research Council. His current research interests are aimed at elucidating the molecular mechanisms that underlie both the pathology and treatment of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cancer and AIDS, as well as understanding the biophysics of cryopreservation.