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Humanities Representative

Kay O’Halloran
Kay O’Halloran is one of the Humanities Representatives for the Curtin Institute for Computation

Kay O’Halloran is Professor of Linguistics in the Faculty of Humanities at Curtin University and a leading international researcher in multimodal analysis involving the study of the integration of language with other resources (e.g. images, sound, gesture, movement, 3D objects and space) in texts, interactions and events. She is a graduate of UWA (Mathematics, Education) and holds a PhD from Murdoch University (Linguistics). Prior to joining Curtin University in 2013, she was a tenured member of the Department of English Language & Literature at the National University of Singapore (1998–2013). During this time, she held a joint appointment as the founding Director of the Multimodal Analysis Lab and Deputy Director of the Interactive & Digital Media Institute, a university-level interdisciplinary research Institute at the National University of Singapore. She is an experienced leader of interdisciplinary research teams and has secured funding from grantors that include the National Research Foundation in Singapore, the US Air Force Office of Scientific Research and the National University of Singapore. She is currently developing mixed methods approaches that integrate multimodal analysis with data mining and information visualization for big data analytics of human discourse in different media contexts.