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CIC seminar August 2018

Date: August 22, 2018

Time: 2pm - 3pm

Location: B216:204 - Innovation Central Perth


Data scientists aren’t magicians – How to collaborate with data scientists effectively

Cara Kreck



If you believed the hype around data science and big data, you would probably be under the impression that data scientists can perform miracles with data. However data scientists don’t possess algorithms to make useful insights appear like magic. If you understand the myths and realities of data science, you will be in a better position to collaborate with data scientists effectively and set your projects up for success.

The Curtin Institute for Computation (CIC) has a team of computational and data scientists employed to support Curtin’s researchers. Join us to learn about what data scientists actually do and hear about some of the research projects the CIC team have supported.



Cara is currently completing a PhD in computational biophysics and has a background in physics and chemistry. During her undergraduate degree and PhD research she has investigated the properties of supercooled water, cryoprotective solutions, and model cell membranes. Her research has centred on using molecular dynamics simulations, which she conducted using various systems at the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre. She has also gained extensive experience in data analysis and visualisation, scripting, administration of Linux systems, working on cross-disciplinary projects and teaching.

Cara began her work in the CIC through Innovation Central Perth, where she has worked on projects involving various companies, government departments, and researchers. She enjoys assisting others and learning about a diverse range of topics while working on projects. She has also participated in providing computational training to researchers through programs such as Software Carpentry and Research Bazaar.