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CIC Seminar May 2017

Date: May 17, 2017

Time: 1pm to 2pm, followed by afternoon tea

Location: CLT Learning Space, Building 105, Room 107

Speaker: Dr Andrew Squelch

Title: What are our digital images trying to tell us? The role of Computational Image Analysis

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A growing number of social, medical, science and engineering research activities rely on the qualitative and/or quantitative analysis of images as the basis of their investigations. The range of the discipline areas basing their findings on image data sets is growing thanks to advancements in imaging techniques and technology. These endeavours give rise to greater diversity of images and subject matter, and increased size (or resolution) and volume of image data sets to be analysed. These factors mean that manual analysis of the images is becoming less and less viable and, instead, researchers are becoming more reliant on automatic or computer-assisted analysis techniques. Hence, the increasing relevance and value of Computational Image Analysis (CIA) to extract, quantify and summarise meaningful information about features in the research image data. The CIA approach encompasses a range of different digital analysis techniques and borrows aspects from of the fields of image processing and computer vision.

This talk is intended for audiences that are interested in the qualitative characterisation of 2D or 3D digital images and wish to obtain assistance or know how they can apply the approach in their own projects. The first part of the talk is by way of a general introduction to the CIA approach, examining a few examples from applicable discipline areas and appropriate computer software. The second part highlights how CIA is being applied in some research projects conducted in the Faculty of Science and Engineering.



Dr Andrew Squelch is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Exploration Geophysics and Senior Visualisation Specialist with the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre. Andrew has over 14 years of advanced visualisation and virtual environment research experience in fields of geoscience, medical and mining. Andrew is also a member of the CIC Visualisation Theme.


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