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Optimal vessel scheduling in offshore energy projects

Western Australia is the location of some of the world’s premier offshore oil and gas facilities, including the North West Shelf project and the new Gorgon and Wheatstone developments. Such projects rely on supply vessels to deliver cargo and assist with off-takes.

Supply vessels are expensive assets and thus optimizing their use is essential for reducing operating costs and maintaining profit margins. Existing scheduling algorithms, however, struggle in realistic applications due to the massive size and dimension of these scheduling problems. In addition, these problems possess unique constraints that are extremely difficult to handle.

This project will focus on the development of efficient optimization algorithms for vessel scheduling in the energy industry. The project would suit a student with a good background in mathematics and computing. Industry collaboration will be a key part of the project.

The North Rankin complex operated by Woodside Energy Limited
The North Rankin complex operated by Woodside Energy Limited