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Research Highlights

Research undertaken by the Curtin Institute for Computation (CIC) has been utilised in a number of industries across Australia. Below are short snippets of research highlights, some more in depth information is provided for the following case studies of research undertaken by CIC researchers and our collaborators:

Image of computational fluid dynamics example used by BP's oil refinery in Kwinana, Western Australia

Researchers in the institute have used advanced computer modelling to improve the performance of large process plants. Working closely with BP’s oil refinery in Kwinana, the research team developed advanced models that were used to revamp the refinery systems to attain the optimal mix of steam, catalyst and hydrocarbons inside a fluid catalytic cracking unit. The changes have saved the refinery hundreds of thousands of dollars in steam usage and hydrocarbon recovery.

Computer generated image of the ITER fusion reactor

Institute researchers are undertaking computationally expensive atomic scattering simulations that are being used in the design of the ITER fusion reactor. These calculations are necessary to  understand the electron density and energy losses in the fusion plasma.

Image of a computer generated report on Value-at-Risk (VaR) forecasts

Researchers in the institute investigated the information content in the Value-at-Risk (VaR) forecasts reported by the Authorised Deposit Institutes (ADI) within Australia. The research was commissioned by the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA) and required extensive computation for both information identification and extraction. The results have serious implications on risk management practice in Australia and its impacts are currently being reviewed by APRA.

Image of a computational fluid dynamics simulation CETO5 wave energy power unit

Computational fluid dynamics simulations undertaken by institutional researchers, have been used in the design and validation of devices for two WA based wave energy companies: Carnegie Wave Energy and Bombora Wave Power.

Read more about the devices being used by Carnegie Wave Energy.