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Arti Verma

Photo of blue background with Arti Verma's portrait in foreground

Arti Verma holds a PhD of Physics from Curtin University, in which she focused on applying broadband echosounders to remotely classify micronekton in the mesopelagic region. She has a master’s degree in physics as well as a BSc and BEd.

Before joining the CIC, Arti worked as a senior analyst at L3Harris, Perth. She developed solutions for acoustic tracking and locating of underwater targets in three dimensions, undersea acoustic communications, and propagation. Arti has worked on numerous projects, including a collaboration with CSIRO in the Great Australian Bight Research Program. She has a background working with ocean submersibles (PLAOS, ICP and AUV) and underwater sensors. In addition, she has extensive experience in on-sea trials in the Great Australian Bight Region, Southern Sea, Tasman Sea, and Rottnest Island region.

Arti joined the CIC in May, 2022 as a senior data scientist; her role involves using data science and deep learning algorithms to accelerate research in marine ecology.

Her key competencies and research interests include:

  • Underwater Acoustics/Optics Signal Processing
  • Analytical and Numerical Models
  • Data Interpretation, Analysis and Visualisation.