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Dr Julian Tonti-Filippini

Dr Julian Tonti-Filippini

Julian completed a PhD in Epigenomics at the University of Western Australia after graduating with first class honours in Genetics. He also holds a BSc in Informatics (UWA) and a BAppSc in Civil Aviation (UniSA).

Prior to joining the CIC, he has worked on information systems as Ecoinformatics Manager at the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions; on plastid bioinformatics as a Research Fellow at the ARC CoE in Plant Energy Biology; and on spatial transcriptomics as a Research Assistant Professor at the ARC CoE in Computational Systems Biology.

Julian joined the CIC in 2022, as a member of the Curtin Open Knowledge Initiative team (COKI), to work on analyzing and enhancing information flows between institutional and individual participants in the university ecosystem.

His key competencies and research interests include:

  • Computational biology
  • Molecular genetics
  • Full-stack web development