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Fabian Mueller

Portrait of Fabian Mueller with blue background

Fabian holds a Master of Computer Science from ETH Zurich, Switzerland. For his master’s thesis and a follow-up project, he joined a group specialized in renewable energy carriers, where he developed a virtual simulation environment to analyse heat transfer in a solar reactor. A Monte Carlo ray tracing method served as the core numerical method for the developed simulation algorithm.

After working as a research assistant, he was looking forward to gaining experience in software engineering in the private sector, where he worked as a data scientist and full-stack developer in international teams in Europe. He deepened his knowledge of various data processing, back-end, and front-end technologies and became familiar with software development processes such as Scrum. Besides writing code, he enjoyed the social aspect of being a software engineer in high-level meetings with stakeholders and (sometimes quite nerdy!) low-level discussions during code reviews or peer programming.

Fabian joined the CIC in November 2022 and is excited to be back closer to research. His main focus is full-stack development and deployment of web applications for research and industry partners.

His core competencies and interests include:

  • Software development and design
  • Front-end and back-end services
  • Data processing