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Keegan Smith

Photo portrait with blue background of Keegan Smith

Keegan completed his Honours in Physics at Curtin and went on to begin postgraduate education in astrophysics. During his research, Keegan implemented a data processing pipeline for use on Pawsey’s Garrawarla cluster which was used to process over 400TB of data and detected over 200 pulsars with the Murchison Widefield Array. During this period, Keegan was employed as a junior data scientist and aided with the implementation of a machine learning model for use in predicting swell arrival times.

This was the catalyst that caused Keegan to pursue his passion for software development and data science. He then devoted himself to online learning materials to ensure that he was prepared to enter the world of data. Keegan began working on light modelling software with the purpose of creating a sustainable environment for marine turtle hatchlings off the coast of Western Australia.

Keegan joined the CIC in May 2022 as a software developer for the Curtin Open Knowledge Initiative, working on software to help universities become more effective open knowledge institutions.

His key competencies and interests include:

  • Data science/analytics and Visualisation
  • Software Development
  • Supercomputing and Linux Cluster Environments