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Nick Swainston

Nick Swainston

Nick holds an honours degree and has nearly completed a PhD in Physics from Curtin University. His thesis involves developing and processing the SMART pulsar survey to discover new pulsars at low-radio frequencies.

During his PhD, he improved the parallelisation of the GPU script used to process Murchison Widefield Array (MWA) observations which improved its efficiency by a factor of ~10. He also developed the MWA pulsar search pipeline in Nextflow, which used over 813,000 GPU and CPU core hours over five semesters on the OzSTAR supercomputer. These developments led to the first pulsar discovered with the MWA. Nick spent two years supervising undergraduate physics labs to teach students data analysis through the scientific method.

Nick joined the CIC in January 2022 as a software developer for the Astronomy Data and Compute Services, working on astronomy-focused software.

His key competencies and interests include:

  • HPC Workflow Management with Bash and Nextflow
  • Software Development
  • Teaching and Training