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Rafiq Mohammed


Rafiq holds a PhD in Information Technology from Murdoch University. His research focused on developing a framework for the “Classification of imbalanced data streams with an adaptive window re-balancing with retaining knowledge”. Furthermore, he completed a master’s degree in computer and information sciences from Auckland University of Technology.

Rafiq’s recent APR internship project at Biotome developed an SQL database that was used to discover and validate biotechnology research. He also developed best-practice machine-learning workflows and models for identifying combinations of biomarkers for use in diagnostic development. Rafiq also worked in New Zealand, primarily in the education sector, such as Victoria University of Wellington and tertiary education organisations. He led projects in the analysis and governance of data warehouses and other data systems, and developed reports, business intelligence solutions, and data visualisations to support the organisation’s needs for problem-solving and decision-making. He also liaises with the Tribal Group and other stakeholders to provide information regarding educational performance indicators  to ensure that ranking and funding strategies are appropriately implemented.


Rafiq joined the CIC in July 2021 as a senior data scientist. Through the CIC, Rafiq works with the Curtin Open Knowledge Initiative (COKI), a world-leading hub for researching open knowledge. His role with COKI focuses on designing and implementing dashboards and other project deliverables.


His key competencies and research interests include:

  • Machine Learning, Data Science and Data Mining
  • Data Warehousing and Database Development
  • Data Analysis, Business Intelligence Reporting, and Dashboarding