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Rebecca Handcock

Rebecca Handcock

Rebecca holds a PhD in Geography from the University of Toronto in Canada. Her research focused on linking spatiotemporal analysis of vegetation from satellite images to climate predictions. Further, she completed an MSc in Environmental Modelling and a BSc (Hons) in Information Technology and Geography from the University of Western Australia.

Rebecca’s research fellowship at the University of Washington (USA) was on monitoring terrestrial stream temperatures through the calibration of airborne and satellite thermal images. After returning to Australia, she worked for CSIRO for a decade, calibrating satellite remote sensing models of pasture biomass, and monitoring vegetation using sensor networks. Rebecca’s recent work ranged from health and environment studies to research evaluation and bibliometrics.

Rebecca joined the CIC in January 2020 as a senior data scientist. Through the CIC, Rebecca works with the Curtin Open Knowledge Initiative (COKI), a world-leading hub for researching open knowledge. Her role with COKI focuses on designing and implementing data analytics and visualising large datasets, and translating between the technical and applied sides of projects.


Her key competencies and research interests include:

  • Spatial Analysis, Remote Sensing (including Thermal) and Image Analysis
  • Data Analysis, Reporting, and Visualisation
  • Data Workflows and Quality Control