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Mission and Objectives

The mission of the CIC is to “Initiate and foster collaborative, interdisciplinary research and education programs that apply computational methods across computer science, engineering, sciences, social sciences and the humanities, to provide innovative solutions to complex problems”.

The CIC will achieve its vision via the following objectives:

  1. Inspire and foster collaboration across Curtin to solve complex, interdisciplinary problems that require computational modelling, data analytics and visualisation.
  2. Develop curricula for, and oversee, delivery of training, undergraduate courses and postgraduate courses in computational methods.
  3. Provide support for Curtin researchers to access and effectively utilise computational and visualisation facilities.
  4. Raise awareness across Curtin and in the wider community of the power and benefits of computational approaches to research.
  5. Provide a nexus for Curtin’s computational researchers to share ideas, expertise, enthusiasm and energy.
  6. Provide a platform for delivering cross-discipline integrated research projects that is attractive to industry.
  7. Provide an outstanding research environment for computational practitioners at Curtin that will enhance their funding success.
  8. Build strong institutional links with peer institutes and organizations internationally.