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Health Sciences Representative

Suzanne Robinson
Suzanne Robinson is one of the Health Sciences Representatives for the Curtin Institute for Computation

Professor Suzanne Robinson is the Theme Leader for the Health Systems and Health Economics group at Curtin University and an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham, UK. Suzanne has been awarded competitive research grants from international and national funding agencies. She has been involved in leading health systems and health economics projects that have had major impact on government reform initiatives.  Suzanne leads international research on decision making and priority setting in health, this work involves a number of aspects, in particular the use of health data sets to produce an evidence base to inform resource allocation decisions.  Suzanne was recently successful in securing funding to lead research activity around population health and health systems research for the Western Australian Primary Health Alliance who are responsible for the three Western Australian Primary Health Networks. Suzanne is involved in the NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence in Cardiovascular outcomes improvement, and brings together economics and translational research expertise to this work.

Suzanne is considered one of the leading authorities on health policy and system reform her work involves bridging the divide between policy and practice – working with government organisations to use evidence and research in policy development, whilst also working at the ‘coal face’ with practitioners in the implementation of policy. She was recently awarded the Australian College of Health Services Managers Innovation and Excellence Award for her work in health systems research and capacity building. Suzanne is also elected committee member of the Health Services Research Association Australia and New Zealand and International Society for Priority Setting.