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Health Economics Cluster

The Health Economics Cluster brings together leading experts in economics, health economics, and health policy from Curtin Business School and the Faculty of Health Sciences, Curtin University. It reflects the multi-disciplinary nature of health economics through integration of experts from different areas including Economics, Systems, Management, Public Health and Psychology.

The Cluster focuses on a wide variety of health economics research aimed at informing and guiding decision making and health policy. This includes work around systems and population modelling to improve our understanding of the relations between health and wellbeing outcomes and socio-economic factors, the valuation of health benefits associated with technologies and programs to prevent and treat ill-health, and the role of consumer preferences in determining appropriate policy in the health setting. The translation of our research outcomes form a valuable knowledge base where policy makers, health care providers and clinicians can make best possible decisions based on rigorous and analytical foundations.


BMI and Socio-economic factors