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UNESCO Chair Events

Upcoming UNESCO Chair Events

  1. Sunday 21 July 2019 Open Day (Hafizur and Mafkereseb and Ikrom)
  2. Thursday 11 July 2019 5-7PM, HIVE XR-WA Festival event (HoloLens Demo).
  3. Makerspace workshop, Curtin University Library makerspace (Hafizur, to be decided).
  4. 1-8 September 2019: Digital Technologies for the Humanities. Learning by Game Creation, Turin, Italy.

Past Events

  1. Turin/UCLA Digital Humanities Summer School, Turin, Italy, 1-8 September 2018.
  2. 26-27 May 2018: workshops at Ballarat Heritage weekend, Victoria Australia. Champion on panel; Rahaman and Nishanbaev presenting augmented reality and virtual reality equipment.
  3. 11 June 2018, HIVE: One day event on film tourism, cultural heritage, AR and interactive fiction featuring Ian Brodie and Mat Lewis (Southwest Development Corporation).
  4. 27 July 2018, HIVE: One day event with nationally invited speakers to present and also discuss a workgroup for Linked Open Data and Cultural Heritage/History Maps.
  5. 29 July AR/VR demonstrations for Curtin Open Day. Landscape Data Art & Models as Linked Open Data. One day seminar and workshop event, Curtin Staff, 6 Australian speakers, 6 from Curtin and UWA, Rainer Simon (Pelagios/Recogito), from Austria via Skype. 27 July 2018, HIVE, Curtin, Perth. URL:
  6. Champion, E. (2017). Computing, 3D Models and Intangible Heritage. Tech Talk in October: Data Computing in Humanities. URL: Other speakers: – Dr Julia Miller (Australia National University): PARADISEC; Prof. Hugh Craig (University of Newcastle): Three Shakespeare questions you can only answer through Computation. 6 October 2017, Pawsey Computing centre. Live meeting hubs in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and Brisbane.
  7. Champion, E. & Nitsche, M. (2017). “Mechanics, Mods and Mashups: Games  of the  Past  for  the  Future Designed  by Archaeologists”. Other session, Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology (CAA), Atlanta,Georgia, USA, 14-16 March, 2017. URL: workshop.
  8. 2016: Erik Champion “zu Gast am Institut: Virtual Heritage – Playing with the Past”, University of Hamburg, 3DDH,

Community/Curtin Events

  1. Curtin Open Day 29 May 2018: VR and AR demos
  2. Rahaman: Workshop, Makerspace, Curtin, 08/11/2017, ‘Create a 3D model from Photos’.
  3. Rahaman: Workshop, Asanullah University of Science & Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 13/11/2017, ‘An Introduction to Photogrammetry: Image-Based 3D Reconstruction & Online Sharing’.
  4. Champion talk, Curtin Library Makerspace 2016-2018
  5. Mini-conference: 28.08.2016 GLAM VR EVENT, HIVE, 1 national and 1 international speaker or blog post
  6. Champion, E., Digital Humanities talk to LARIS students Curtin
  7. Conference: 13.12.2016 CURTIN HIVE New Knowledge Environments Curtin Conference
  8. Champion, E., “Critical Gaming” Book Launch CIC Curtin, 12/12/2016