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  • Crystallisation of minerals (funded by FL180100087, DP160100677, DP0986999, FT130100463)
  • Carbon phases (including nanodiamonds, amorphous carbon, carbon onions and nanotubes; funded by DP150103487, FT120100924, FT140100191)
  • Carbon nanotube electrocatalysts for water splitting and fuel cells (funded by DP150102044; collaboration with Prof. San Ping Jiang)
  • Mechanical properties of pharmaceutical systems (collaboration with Astra-Zeneca – ATN-ITDC)
  • Petascale simulation of reactive aqueous chemistry (collaboration with Cray – ATN-ITDC)
  • Properties and reactivity of minerals involved in serpentinisation (funded by FT180100385)
  • Metal speciation in hydrothermal fluids (funded by CSIRO; collaboration with Monash and CSIRO)
  • Structure prediction for nanostructures (funded by EPSRC; collaboration with University College London)
  • Semiconductor nanostructures
  • Simulation of Atomic Force Microscopy (funded by DP140101776)
  • Thermal Enhancement in Nanofluids (in collaboration with Dr Marcus Bannerman, University of Aberdeen)


  • Proton-conducting oxide fuel cells (funded by DP0558700)
  • Lithium battery materials
  • Membranes for water desalination (funded by CSIRO Flagship)

All projects are made possible through the use of the facilities of the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre and National Computational Infrastructure.