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ARC Linkage LP180100284: Photogrammetric Reconstruction for Underwater Virtual Heritage Experiences. Awarded to Dr Andrew Woods; Professor Erik Champion; Dr Petra Helmholz; Dr David Belton; Professor Derek Lichti; Ms Catherine Belcher; Dr Ross Anderson; Mr Ian Thilthorpe; Mr Danny Murphy; Adjunct Professor Alec Coles; Dr James Hunter; Mr Michael Harvey. $461,783.00.

ARC LIEF LE190100019: Time-layered cultural map of Australia. Erik Champion and research assistant)” 2018 ARC LIEF LE190100019  grant (hosted by Newcastle), $420,000 awarded

GIS AR and mapping (Curtin Institute for Computation grant) (Erik Champion, David McMeekin, Hafizur Rahaman): Linked Open Data for 3D Heritage ARC grants Moviemap Geolocated Datasets and XR-Makerspace, Workflow and Web Portfolio Platform Development), $30,263.88.

MCASI grant (Hafizur Rahaman, Michelle Johnston): AR-triggered language guide (mobile device to recognise 3D objects, play associated sounds and display associated text helping a user to understand a language) $2000.


With Research Fellow (Dr Hafizur Rahaman). Open source photogrammetry to 3D digital models to augmented and mixed reality.

PhD supervision (Ikrom Nishanbaev): 3D/GIS Semantic Web-3D repository and Website-interface for cultural heritage objects and associated paradata.

Winter intern (Agathe Limouzy) Shared embodiment in an archaeological site: Leap Controller and HTC Vive. $6000 CIC grant.

Summer intern (Corbin Yap): Latest Unreal game engine ported to 4 stereo and non-stereo displays of Curtin HIVE VR centre. $6000 CIC/HIVE grant.


PhD supervision (Mafkereseb Bekele): Collaborative Learning with Microsoft HoloLens (sites: WA Museum-Xantho steam engine and Duyfken)-, can augment scale and create interactive map-based historical journeys as well. Featured in papers at CAADRIA (best student paper: Mafkereseb Bekele) and Computer Applications in Archaeology (Erik Champion).