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HIVE visualisation and education seminars
Researchers, instructors, students and the public are invited to the monthly CIC Seminar Series to hear experts describe and see how Curtin develops computational solutions to complex problems

Computation is an increasingly important activity in most disciplines, leading to new fields such as computational science and engineering, computational humanities, computational finance and many others.

Universities have found it difficult to bring these inherently cross-discipline subjects into the curriculum. By bringing together the leading computational researchers at Curtin, the institute is looking to build the computational skills across the entire university community through:

  • A targeted PhD student program fostering interdisciplinary research
  • A seminar program that focuses on cross discipline use of computational methods
  • A workshop program exploring underlying computational techniques so that Institute members can make the links between the different disciplines and develop research projects that target research funding schemes and publication opportunities
  • Exploring infusing the undergraduate curriculum across the University with computation, data analytics and visualisation topics/units