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Blaine Campbell

Blaine Campbell

Blaine completed her Bachelor of Arts (Politics and International Relations) in two years, with a strong emphasis on community development and human rights; the capstone of her degree being an exchange program to the USA in January 2020, during the Iranian nuclear threat and rise of COVID-19. This highlighted to Blaine the need for risk management and importance of comprehensive support for students, and it demonstrated numerous aspects of international relations theory in practice.  

Blaine has wide-ranging work experience, including the private sector, government and tertiary office management, small business development, disability support services, hospitality and retail management. Blaine built an award-winning, vertically integrated apiary and honey retail business. Blaine was president of Bees2Honey Inc delivering the annual ‘Honey Festival’ from its former home, the Valley, to Perth in 2018 for over 9000 people. She has worked with executive chefs to deliver honey degustation dinners, volunteered in the community including with the Rotary Club of Perth, and served on numerous volunteer committees, delivering projects such as the art trail ‘Pollen and Petals’ in Maylands.  

Blaine joined the CIC in May 2022 as part of the administration team. She is responsible for general office administration, planning and organising events for the CIC, and onboarding new staff members.   

Her key competencies include: 

  • Interpersonal Skills and Customer Service 
  • Time-critical Administration 
  • Small Business Development including, Marketing and Events