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Kathryn Napier

Kathryn has expertise in Health Informatics and Bioinformatics

Kathryn completed a PhD in veterinary studies in 2014 at Murdoch University in Perth, following on from undergraduate degrees in biomedical science (Hons), and mathematics and statistics.

Prior to joining the CIC in August 2018, Kathryn worked as a research associate at the Centre for Comparative Genomics at Murdoch University in the fields of bioinformatics and health informatics. As part of a plant biosecurity CRC research project, she worked to develop and optimise a bioinformatics analysis pipeline for Australian and New Zealand quarantine agencies to survey and diagnose plant viruses and viroids.


During her time at the CIC, Kathryn’s role as a senior data scientist primarily involved working with collaborators on digital health projects. She analysed linked pathology datasets and developed analytical pipelines to process and visualise data. This will improve patient care for diagnosing bloodstream infections (the WASABI project) and in chronic kidney disease (the Digital Health CRC project ‘Reviewing and managing chronic kidney disease to improve outcomes’).


Kathryn has also been involved in providing computational training to Curtin staff and students and has an interest in eResearch and data management.

In July 2021, Kathryn started in her new role as lead data scientist for COKI.


Her key competencies and research interests include:

  • Health Informatics and Analytics
  • Data Analytics and Visualisation
  • Computational Training (Certified Carpentries Instructor)