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Leigh Tyers


Leigh holds a master’s degree in computational physics and an undergraduate degree in physics and mathematics. During his master’s project, he specifically studied and researched NISQ and quantum-inspired classical algorithms. Many of these algorithms were then simulated using HPC code on the Pawsey supercomputer. He has research interests in many scientific fields, including mathematical inversion techniques, machine learning, health, climate science and remote sensing.

Upon finishing his studies, he worked in Exploration Geophysics in Perth. A significant amount of his time was spent processing data with and working on induced polarisation inversion techniques. Much of his work has made use of his extensive HPC skills, simulating and inverting models on large-scale processing servers.

Leigh joined the Curtin Institute for Computation in March 2021 and has since worked mainly in remote sensing.


His key competences and research interests include:

  • HPC applications – distributed computing and algorithm optimisation
  • Mathematical and statistical modelling
  • Machine learning