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Torrance Hodgson

Torrance Hodgson

Torrance comes from a background in radio astronomy and astrophysics. His PhD at Curtin University was on the search for the ‘synchrotron cosmic web’, an extremely faint radio signature in space that traces the very largest scale structures of the Universe. This involved both novel simulation work, as well as low-frequency observations of the radio sky with Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Precursor telescopes. He also holds a Masters in sociology from Victoria University.

Torrance joined the Curtin Institute of Computation (CIC) in September 2021 as a Senior Data Scientist. His work is a joint project between Curtin and the Pawsey Center for Extreme Scale Readiness (PaCER) to optimize the high computational demands of radio astronomy imaging processes for the next generation of supercomputing, specifically in preparation for the SKA and its precursor telescopes.


His key competences and research interests include:

  • Interferometric imaging algorithms
  • Deconvolution techniques
  • HPC workflows, optimization, and parallel computing